Baptism of Infants and Young Children

What an exciting time for you and your family as you welcome a new child into your family. We, here at Sacred Hearts, join in your excitement and we look forward to welcoming your child into our spiritual family.

Baptisms are communal celebrations and are normally celebrated on the second and third Sunday of each month. Please call the Parish Office to begin the process of scheduling your child’s Baptism. It is not necessary to have decided upon godparents to begin the process.

Parents and godparents (if they are able) are expected to attend a Baptism Preparation class unless you have attended one in the previous 3 years. You may attend this class while you are expecting your child or any month prior to your child’s Baptism date.

Please contact the Pastoral Center, 978-373-1281 to set up a date and time for the baptism after you given all this information some careful attention.


Baptism of Children 7 years and Older

Parents are asked to contact Mae Ba, Director of Faith Formation, at 978-373-1281 or via email to begin the process

For Baptism of Adults 18 years and older, please call the Pastoral Center or click here RCIA.

Our prayers and support are with you. May God bless you and your family.