Welcome to the Sacred Hearts Parish Sacramental Preparation Page!

Congratulations to you and your family as your child(ren) prepare to receive one of the seven Sacraments! I hope you find the information here helpful, and encourage you to contact me for further information.

God Bless,

Beth Fullerton, Coordinator of Religious Education K-10 




Would you like your child to receive a Sacrament but they are not the typical age? We offer an RCIC class for children who, for this or that reason, did not receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation or Holy Communion at the traditional age and who are now preparing to receive these Sacraments. Please contact Beth Fullerton for more information!


First Reconciliation - First Holy Communion

We work with the second-graders in the RE program and at Sacred Hearts School to help them prepare for and receive First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. It is a busy and exciting year for the children and their families! Ideally, the children have already had 1-2 years of religious education prior to the second grade. This gives them a strong foundation upon which to build this year.

The second-grade curriculum is supplemented with an Enrollment Ceremony and a First Communion retreat.


Important Second Grade Forms

Icon 18-19 Welcome Letter (88.9 KB)

Icon Examination of Conscience (35.6 KB)

Icon First Communion Flower Fund Letter (432.8 KB)

Icon Grade 2 Prayers to Know (321.0 KB)

Icon Sacramental Record Form (275.2 KB)




Important Second Grade Dates  

 Enrollment Ceremony: Saturday, December 8, 2018 at 1:30 p.m. 

2019 First Reconciliation Date: Saturday, February 2, 2019 at 10:00 a.m. (SHS)  and 1:30 p.m. (Rel. Ed.)


2019 First Communion Dates: TBD



2019 First Communion Rehearsal Schedule: TBD



We have a two year Confirmation program at the parish (ninth and tenth grades), and candidates are confirmed in the fall of the eleventh grade. This program is for both students in public and Catholic schools. A wonderful group of catechists work with the candidates in our Church Hall on 1-2 Sunday evenings a month.

In addition to attending classes, the candidates complete a works of mercy project and get involved in a parish ministry each year. They also research and choose a Saint’s name, select and spend time with their sponsor, attend two retreats, write a letter to the Bishop, and are interviewed by one of our priests. The goal of all these pieces is to help the candidates desire reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation, deepen their relationship with God and His Church, and prepare them for their mission, as confirmed Catholics, to be a disciple and witness to Him.

Below, please find links to Confirmation paperwork. All class dates, etc., can be found on our RE calendar, located on the RE main page.





Icon K-8 Calendar (111.5 KB)

Icon Confirmation Calendar (19.4 KB)




Year One (9th Grade 17-18) Confirmation Paperwork and Assignments

Icon Year 1 Timetable (160.2 KB)

Icon Year 1 Welcome Letter (170.2 KB)

Icon Year 1 Sponsor Choice Form and Guidelines (188.5 KB)

Icon Candidate Profile Page (236.6 KB)

Icon Year 1 Candidate Covenant (148.5 KB)

Icon Year 1 Confirmation and Saint Name Report (167.7 KB)

Icon Year 1 Sacramental Record Form (178.8 KB)

Icon Year 1 Parent, Sponsor, Candidate Responsibilities (166.7 KB)

Icon Year 1 Works of Mercy Guidelines (177.3 KB)

Icon Year 1 Works of Mercy Report (172.3 KB)

Icon Year 1 Parish Ministry Guidelines (157.4 KB)

Icon Year 1 Parish Ministry Report (165.9 KB)

Icon Year 1 Prayers to Know (141.8 KB)


Year Two (10th Grade 17-18) Paperwork and Assignments

Icon Year 2 Timetable (160.2 KB)

Icon Year 2 Welcome Letter (169.9 KB)

Icon Year 2 Parent, Sponsor, Candidate Responsibilities (166.8 KB)

Icon Year 2 Letter of Intent (162.2 KB)

Icon Year 2 Works of Mercy Guidelines (177.5 KB)

Icon Year 2 Works of Mercy Report (172.4 KB)

Icon Year 2 Parish Ministry Report (166.0 KB)

Icon Year 2 Parish Ministry Report (166.0 KB)

Icon Year 2 Sponsor Interview Form (223.6 KB)

Icon Year 2 Prayers to Know (142.1 KB)


All 12 of the Decision Point lessons, used in Grades 9 and 10, can be found here: http://dynamiccatholic.com/confirmation/view-program/. Alternatively, download the free Decision Point app on to your device, and watch any of the 72 videos anywhere you have wi-fi!