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Welcome to the Sacred Hearts Parish Catechist Resources Page!

Dear Catechists,

Thank you so much for all that you do! The parish is blessed to have such dedicated and faith-filled volunteers.

I have compiled here a smattering of resources for you. Some of these resources can directly assist you in your work with the children. Others are here because I thought they might be interesting to you as you continue on your own faith journey.

In addition to what is here, please know that I have a tremendous amount of crafts, books, vhs tapes, etc., at the Pastoral Center. I am slowly organizing  these items. I encourage you to speak with me about stopping in and pulling resources you can use in your classrooms.

God Bless,


Icon Sacred Hearts Parish Religious Education Curriculum Guide (1.3 MB)

Icon Catechist Handbook (703.6 KB)


Textbook Links

Sadlier (grades K-1, 5-6)

Bible (grades 7-8) - see Beth or check out this great resource:


Blessed: First Reconciliation and First Communion (Grade 2) 


Decision Point (Grades 9-10)

Sacred Hearts Religious Education Pinterest Page


From the Archdiocese




The Catechist’s Journey -


Catholic Icing -


The Religion Teacher –


The YouCat (Catechism for Teens) -


Adult Faith

Catholic Faith Essentials - - Videos on many excellent topics

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - find the daily readings as well as lots of great information on the faith


Praying the Rosary -