• Catholic Radio (click on) Wonderful Catholic programs to lean about our rich faith
  • Positive 99.9 FM - Great Local Christain Music Station
  • " Jesus Calling" By Sara Young- Inspirational Devotions for every day of the year. Written as if Jesus was talking to you
  • Magnificat (click on) Daily mass, scripture, inspirational messages for every day for those who cannot attend mass every day and want to
  • "Finding Sanctuary" by Abbot Christopher Jamisom - Easy read book about finding your own sanctuary in your busy life. Written for todays busy world. This book will help you find time to spend with the Lord no matter how busy your day is.
  • Mass Explained IPAD APP (click on) Mass Explained, "multimedia learning experience focusing on the Catholic Mass." Volume 1 of the app, which walks one through the Introductory Rites and Liturgy of the Word.
  • DynamicCatholic.com (click on) Wonderful Catholic Book resourse to teach the Catholic faith. Books are low cost to help spread the good news. Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, Rediscover Catholicism and more. Buy one for yourself and one to give as a gift.
  • Ccatholicscomehome.org (click on) Have questions about the Catholic Church, this web site is for catholics who have been away from the church and want to find their way back. Includes testimonies
  • EWTN - Cable chanel 56-Click on) This station is dedicated to our rich Catholic Faith. Airing programs that teach, in many ways, for all ages, the teachings of our Lord and show many ways in which people live their faith. Please visit their web site for all their programs - You will not be disappointed.
  • USCCB website on the Jubilee Year of Mercy http://www.usccb.org/beliefs-and-teachings/how-we-teach/new-evangelization/jubilee-of-mercy/index.cfm

  • Archdiocese of Boston Year of Mercy Web Site 

Witness Stories of Faith & Mercy

This section is for personal witness stories such as conversion,mercy, forgiveness and how faith helped you through difficulties etc.




Prayer Requests

This section is for individual prayer requests. People are invited to send in requests to the email noted above. Please pray for those requests on our list.


This section is for resources that parishioners submit that helped them grow in their faith such as books, radio stations programs etc.





This section is for reflections on how Jesus and our faith impacts our daily life.




 Acts of Mercy

This section is for examples of how simple acts of kindness can be prayer.